Accepting the motto that goes “local is beautiful, presentation is special”, Delimonti brings traditional recipes created in various regions in Anatolia to life in contemporary presentations while keeping their original features. Delimonti is the place for enjoying delicious meals in any time of a day with its exceptional breakfast assortments, rich wine cellar, and menu which changes based on seasonal ingredients.

Combining gastronomy market and breakfast concept under the same roof, Delimonti offers many exquisite local and imported flavors together. Various appetizers, imported and local cheese varieties and rich delicatessen products are available at Delimonti. Famous hummus from Antakya, cold cuts, well – known crispy Konya meat bread and pita cooked in wood oven are only a few of the delicious specialties. In addition to local flavors the dishes from International cuisine prepared by the Delimonti way offer unique alternatives for the guests.

The Delimonti menu combines techniques of the past for cooking delicious meals with universal cooking approach and broad range of ingredients. Emphasizing freshness and seasonality, the DeliMonti menu offers specialties without the ordinary recipes found in many other locations. The olive oil bar where you can flavor olive oil according to your palate in special olive oil and vinegar filling units, natural and additive – free flower and fruit jams, molasses, exclusive honey and clotted cream varieties delivered from more than 10 different regions, “Muhlama - Mıhlama”, a local breakfast classic, and more than 50 types of local and artisanal chesses are available for your enjoyment.

Another privileged offering of Delimonti is the wine cellar with 110 different wines. Sommelier can recommend you the wine to go along with delicious meals in the menu or the cheese plate created according to your personal choice.

Delimonti, gastronomy market and restaurant concept under the same roof, enables you to try out the ingredients, sauces and delicatessen products used in the meals also at home. You can also have your loved ones experience the Delimonti joy with “flavor gift packages”.